Dragon Shoulder Sitter

Dragon Shoulder Sitter



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The Coolest Pet Yes, you could go adopt a dog, or cat, or ferret, or rabbit, or bird. But you know what is so much cooler? Obviously a pet dragon! Not many people can say they have a pet dragon at their disposal—we can only think of about two off the top of our head. So pick up this Dragon Shoulder Sitter and start showing your new pet around town. With this little guy sitting shotgun on your shoulder, you’ll have a great friend ready to go on all sorts of adventures with you. Together, you can take on wizards, and knights, and centaurs, and whatever else crosses your path! Fun Details This pet dragon of yours comes as a molded plastic dragon prop with painted detailing. Measuring 21 inches long from the snout to the tip of the tail, this little guy is guaranteed to let every challenger know that you are a true dragon master. Held in place on the shoulder by an elastic band that slides under the arm, this companion is perfect for long hikes between castles and villages. A Quick Warning There are dragon slayers out there. And they are always searching for more dragons to make more money. So keep an eye over your non-dragon shoulder when your out in the woods, you never know when they might try to sneak up on you two!

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