About Us

Company History

Harry Goro Watanabe moved from Japan to Omaha, NE where he began Oriental Trading Company in 1932.  In 1938, Harry moved the operations from the Yoden's Gift Shop to 1115 Farnam St.  This three story building be would be OTC's home for more than 30 years.  Shortly before World War II, the main office began shifting their emphasis to a growing carnival trade in the United States.  The company began supplying trinekts, prizes and giveways to the Midwest carnival outfits such as the Dale Thomas Show, Murphy Brothers and Midwest shows.  Harry and his wife, Fern, have 3 children; Terry, Gordon and Pam.

On September 6, 1988 Gordon and Joy Watanabe opened Nobbies doors to the public as a retail outlet for carnival trinkets.  Today, NobbiesParties continues to expand with its own product lines.

Company Commitment

NobbiesParties is committed to doing everything possible to provide its customers with superior services and products that meet their needs and provide value.  Demonstrating customer satisfaction that exceeds our customers' expectations is our number one priority and results from the attention given to each element of service we provide.  NobbiesParties achieves these exceptional levels of customer satisfaction by providing merchandise of value that best meets the needs of our customers, maintaining clean and neat merchandise presentations and acting with mutual trust and understanding to comply with our customers' interests.  In addition, NobbiesParties employees are committed to providing great customer service.  



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