New Husband Voodoo Doll

New Husband Voodoo Doll



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Whenever you feel your new husband is taking you for granted, use one of the pins to put him back in line. Stick the pin into the activity that you want your husband to do and instantly he will return back into the same caring man who convinced you to marry him in the first place. Here are some of the things you can finally make him do. Front of the doll: Tell me you love me, remember our anniversary, bring me flowers, sex is over when I say it's over, compliment me, take me to a chick flick, don't think about other women, cuddle with me, kick your mother out, stop acting like an ass! and many more! Back of the doll: Don't think about other women, rub my neck serenade me, take me to a chick flick, cuddle with me, hold me in your arms, stop acting like an ass!, run a bath for me, take a romantic walk with me, kick your mother out, take out the trash.

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