Stuffed Pumpkin Adult Costume

Stuffed Pumpkin Adult Costume



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Here's a pumpkin that you don't have to carve! It won't ever rot and it doesn't even have a big goopy mess of brains and seeds inside. Instead, you can wear this pumpkin every single day as you celebrate the happiest face of fall! And haven't you always known deep down that orange was really your color? So why not orange with a face on it! And an added benefit is that this outfit will definitely scare away any unwanted ghosts and goblins who are thinking of haunting you. One look at your orange pumpkin face and they'll be calling the Ghostbusters themselves! As long as no fairy godmothers try to turn you into a carriage, you'll have nothing but fun times in this pumpkin outfit.

Includes: Tunic, Headband, Legwarmers.

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