X-Rated Birthday Paper Cups - 8 Pack

X-Rated Birthday Paper Cups - 8 Pack



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“Happy Birthday.” You’ve probably heard that phrase hundreds of times by now. You’ve been hearing it since you were a kid. It’s boring, it’s stale, it’s old. Almost as old as you are. And as you’ve grown up, you’ve earned the right to hear something a little more befitting your age. You’re not a kid any more. You’re an adult. You’re a fucking adult. It’s about damn time that people started saying “Happy Fucking Birthday” to you. Now all your birthday wishes (or at least that one birthday wish) can come true, thanks to the Happy Fucking Birthday Cups. These cups don’t pull any punches; they say “Happy Fucking Birthday” in big bold black letters, set against a white background and surrounded by colorful dots, to really drive the message home. Feeling more like an adult yet? Good. You’re fucking welcome. Eight 7-ounce cups per pack.

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